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Was She Actually Pregnant For 8 Years? This Explanation Will Prove Otherwise.

Was She Actually Pregnant For 8 Years? This Explanation Will Prove Otherwise.

A woman has been trending since yesterday after news of her birth circulated on social media. Why was her news so special? According to posts made on social media, the woman has been pregnant for 8 years and she just gave birth to a healthy son.

A lot of Nigerians proceeded to drop congratulatory messages on every post regarding this strange birth. Most people attached this strange occurrence to one of the miracles and wonders of God.

As usual religion comes first before facts in Nigeria. Only few people felt sketchy about the whole thing happening.

Most of them questioned this strange pregnancy and birth, as they felt 8 years was too much for a baby to remain in the womb.

Some made fun of the situation by saying the baby must have finished primary school by then.

Others said that the baby should have being born a full grown man with mature genitals.

Well, there is a possible explanation that can prove that what was known as an 8 years pregnancy was not actually a pregnancy.

One of possible scientific explanation to this strange birth and pregnancy was that the woman may have been suffering from a condition known as Choriocarcinoma without even knowing.

Choriocarcinoma is a a cancer that grows very rapidly and it occurs in the uterus (womb of the woman).

You can read this book to know more about Choriocarcinoma

Photo Credit: Google.

This is a rare cancer than occurs in the Form of an abnormal pregnancy (as in the case of this woman being pregnant for 8 years, this is abnormal). It is possible for a woman to get pregnant in this condition. This could explain why this woman was supposedly "pregnant" for 8 years.

She must have been living with this condition for years and her big stomach could have deceived everyone into thinking she was pregnant and when she eventually took in and gave birth, everyone concluded she carried the baby for 8 years (which isn't scientifically or medically possible).

The sum of this is that, the woman must have lived with Choriocarcinoma for about 7 years and few months to make it 8 years, without knowing. The remaining few months could've have been when she got pregnant and carried the baby for 9 months, then delivered successfully.

The miracle baby.

This cancer, Choriocarcinoma can also occur after a normal pregnancy (meaning she might have developed it after giving birth before). The abnormal tissue continues to grow and even after attempted remove can become more cancerous.

This is a likely possible explanation to the series of doubtful questions of how a woman can house a baby in her womb for 8 years.

My advice would be for the woman to get a proper medical check up and not be blinded solely by religion.

Photo Credit: Google

Information source: Google /wikipedia

I hope this Explanation was helpful and satisfied your curiosity.

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