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5 Ways Anxiety Can Be Helpful

Anxiety is an emotions characterized by feeling of tension,worried thought and physical change's like increased blood pressure.

" People with anxiety disorder usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concern,they may avoid certain situation out of worry " .

Anxiety can be helpful but most people think of anxiety,more specifically, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) it's an emotions that makes us feel uncomfortable and tense,it's a state we want to relieve as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can cause problem in everyday situation due to symptoms,such as

Persistent worrying or obsession about small or large concern that are out of proportion to the impact of the event.

In ability to set aside,restlessness and feeling keyed up.

Difficult to concentrate on something.

Worrying excessively of something.

Carrying every option in a situation,all the way out to its possible negative conclusion.

Physical signs and symptoms may cause a variety of aliments including:



Muscle tensions or Muscle aches

Being easily startled



Trouble in sleeping

Nausea, diarrhea

Five ways Anxiety can be helpful

Anxiety can offer a variety of positive things to our lives,such as:

1. Motivation

We really need a dose of anxiety to motivate us,to do would be unlikely that you could be dedicated to the rules of your workplace ,become motivated to do something that doesn't sound pleasurable.


If you have a big speech test or event on the horizon,you may feel anxious as it approaches , it drive you to prepare for the situation,to cover all the bases and to consider what you would do in worst cases scenarios.

" Studies shows that in certain situations,anxiety can help you be more prepared for a disaster or difficult situation " .


When we are anxious,our attention shifts to things that are important in our lives,it makes us recognize this that deserves our attention , then becomes instrumental ,in preparation and motivation.

When we are anxious about an un coming event,your anxiety forces you to recognize it and pay attention in a way that will ideally help you succeed.

4. Protection

Since anxiety is often related to fear,it is a way to protect us from danger,we can become anxious in situations that could cause us to harm or even kill us,this natural anxiety feeling prevent that.

5. Communication

When people are anxious they are compelled to communicate and share the feeling.

It's how our body help us find support and a safe place which can be effective in helping relationship work properly.

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