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Ladies, Check Out 4 Foods That Can Affect Your Period

For ladies, the food you eat can affect your period negatively or positively. What I mean is that, they can either worsen the symptoms you experience during your period, or help to reduce them. Herein is a brief highlight on four foods that can affect your period negatively and why you should consider staying away from them during your menstrual cycles.

Normally, periods come with mood fluctuations, bloating, and cramps or pains. The bloating is usually due to water retention, the mood fluctuation is due to rise and fall of energy levels, and lastly, the cramps or painful contractions are due to release of prostaglandin which are local hormones that cause their contraction of your uterus or womb. Now, although these symptoms are normal during your periods, the following foods can exacerbate them and this is the main reason why you should stay away from them.

1. Sugary Foods. Example of sugary foods include meat-pies, shawarma, cookies, candy, chocolates, sweets etcetera. These foods can make your mood to fluctuate by causing a rise in your energy level followed by a sudden drop in your energy level. It is better to skip these foods during your periods.

2. Salty Foods. Salty Foods such French fries or chip, bacon, and bread can cause bloating. It does this by simply causing water retention which leads to the bloating or swelling up.

3. Red meat. Red meat is simply a source of prostaglandin which as I mentioned in my introduction, is a local hormone that can contract local muscles such as your womb. This can lead to increased feeling of pains or cramps.

4. Spicy foods such as pepper soups. Spicy foods can worsen your abdominal pain when they are consumed during your periods. Stomach discomfort is usually one of the symptoms people experience during their periods, but it can worsen when you consume spicy foods.

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