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If You Have Kidney Disease. Eat these 5 foods Regularly.

1. Fruits and vegetables

They are very high in fibers and contains many essebtial minerals and vitamins. Eating about 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables are very good for the kidney.

2. Garlic.

Garlics are used in replacing salts as salts are not good for patients with kidney problems. Garlics add nutrients and flavors to foods as they also give other beneficial nutrients. They are good sources of Vitamin C and B6 and also contains sulphur compounds that have anti - inflammatory abilities.

3. Cabbage

They contain a good amount of Vitamin K, C and also many B vitamins as they are sk loaded with powerful plants compounds. Also they provide an insoluble fiber which keeps the digestive system healthy and also promotes regular bowel movements. 

4. Onions.

Onions together with garlics and olive oils adds a suatainable amount of flavour to dishes without harming the kidney and compromising ones kidney health.

5. Eggs.

The albumin of an egg is excellent source of protein as they are very friendly with the kidney and are also good for individuals undergoing dialysis.

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