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Here Are 7 Negative Effects of Lime Juice

Lime juice is without a doubt one of the best drinks that nature has to offer. It is excellent and quickly quenches one's thirst. However, as good as it is, it also has a lot of negative effects that could be harmful to one's health. What are the lime juice negative effects? Continue reading to learn more!

Lime Juice Side Effects

Here's where you can learn about the major sweet lime juice side effects:

1. Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial and yet delicate period for any woman. Since excessive consumption of lime juice might influence the stomach, this might directly impact the baby inside the mother’s womb.

Even the odds of developing food-borne infections increase during pregnancy. Drinking unpasteurized lime juice might be dangerous and might even directly influence your kid.

Your immune system is extremely weak during pregnancy. Due to this deficit, you are more prone to heartburn and food-borne diseases throughout your pregnancy.

Too much lime juice can cause stomach cramps, indigestion, and even diarrhea in pregnant women.

2. Ulcers in the Stomach

Stomach ulcers, also known as peptic ulcers, are highly painful sores that develop in the lining of the stomach or the small intestine. When the thick mucus lining inside the stomach thins, stomach ulcers form.

The citric acid in lime only serves to aggravate stomach ulcers. As a result, they exacerbate and deteriorate. Increased acid (citric acid plus stomach acid) can irritate the stomach lining and prevent ulcers from healing properly.

Stomach ulcers cause severe discomfort in the stomach, bloating, vomiting, and unexpected weight loss.

3. Kidneys may be harmed.

Although lime juice can help treat kidney stones and is beneficial for healthy kidneys, it should not be consumed by persons who have kidney problems because it may cause renal damage.

Citrus fruits have a lot of potassium in them. This could be harmful to people who have kidney illness. The electrolyte balance would be disrupted due to the sick kidneys' inability to maintain it. This causes aberrant potassium, sodium, and phosphorus levels.

Irregular heart rhythm, weakness, and a sluggish heart rate are among the symptoms.

Now that you know what lime juice's side effects are on the human body, it doesn't imply you should avoid it completely.

Drink lime juice in moderation and with the appropriate measures to avoid the negative effects of lime juice!

Content created and supplied by: Immawoli (via Opera News )

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