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Symptoms Of Ear Infection And When To See A Doctor

The hearing loss that springs up from a middle ear infection is usually temporary. When the fluid is drained out of the middle ear, it then stops holding back the transmission of sound vibrations.

However, this fluid can last for a while. The symptoms of a usual situation of otitis media will normally start to resolve to about 48 to 72 hours. Then the built up fluid in the middle ear could last for about 3 months. You can also experience problems with hearing while the fluid is trapped.

Symptoms of an ear infection

Ear infections can however be discomforting and very painful. If you experience severe pain and pressure in your ear, it could be that you have developed an ear infection.

Actually, infants i.e. babies and toddlers normally cannot speak yet to tell you that they are experiencing pain in their ears. This brings us to how you can know if your child has developed an ear infection?

Some common signs that may show that a child has ear infection include the following:

● Body language- You should always look out for your baby pulling on their ear. This could be an indication of ear pain.

● Fever- Fever is a sign that the baby's body is trying to fight off an infection.

● Fussiness or irritability- If your child is cranky and irritable for no other reason and you should also check if they are crying more than usual.

● Ear drainage- Pus or fluid coming out of the ear is a typical sign of an ear infection. This fluid can be yellow or bloody which signifies a torn eardrum.

● Trouble hearing- When fluid builds up in the middle ear, it can lead to temporary hearing loss.

● Unsteadiness- The fluid in the ear can also affect your baby's sense of balance, causing unsteadiness or dizziness.

A lot of these symptoms are also signs of ear infections in adolescent and adults.

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