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Why do ladies endure this kind of pain in the name of looking beautiful? Is it really necessary?

Hello guys. Today I bring to you pictures of a lady who went to get her tongue pierced and that has gotten a lot of reactions from different individuals who saw the pictures.

A lot of ladies go through pain just to "look beautiful" and different. Tonhue piercing I can imagine could be really painful because eof the thickness of the tongue

The video was seen on Twitter and shows how a lady was enduring pain just to get her tongue pierced. A lot of people had things to say concerning the video as seen in the screenshots below;

The lady seemed to be in pain having her tongue pierced. Tongue piercing is becoming a trend and one I personally regard as an unimportant and uncomfortable one. The absurd thing about it is the guy is touching her tongue with his bare hands.

The video has stirred up a lot of reactions especially negative ones. A lot felt it is unhygienic, a lot felt such pain is not important especially as it is difficult to notice.

In a bid to look good ladies should think of their well being first and do things that are safe and healthy for them. They should also be selective of what they do, not everything should be done in order to fit in. It is a choice though, but think of your health before going into anything. May God help all of us.

Thanks guys please drop your comments share and follow me for more. God richly bless you.

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