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How to life a complete peaceful life without fear or anxiety


Except the Lord watches over the city the watch man stays awake in vain. The watchman may give the information but that does not stop the enemies from coming. The watchman's information cannot save the people. It may even scatter the people out of fear. The city may be deserted in spite of the watchman's piece of information. Moreover, the man may not even have the correct information. Unless the Lord keeps your life, your personal security arrangements and efforts are vain. All the talisman and other charms people use for security are useless. People foolishly go to sign contract with herbalists to keep their lives.

It is vain for you to wake up in the morning in pursuit of business breakthrough and continue to labour till late in the evening, only to end up eating the bread of sorrow. Without God, our lives are full of disappointments. Success is in God, not in your labour. That is why God is calling you to a life of total trust in Him. He giveth His beloved sleep. The Lord can give you sufficient rest in Hu and yet there can be undeniable progress. The Lord will grant you rest and advancement in life if you can totally trust in Him. Don't forget to make a covenant of trust with the Lord your God and stay by the terms of the covenant that as long as you live, you will continue trusting in Him for everything. Then you will see how your God will surprise you. Tell God, I and my family will trust the Lord. We will trust God for our body. We will trust God for your business, for our lives and for our salvation." Trust God for your wife, husband and children

Trust God for your today and tomorrow. Trust him for your desires. Trust God for all your problems. He shall guide you across that red sea. He shall level that mountain for you and put smiles on your face again. Things shall go well with you. Amen!

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