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Facts for you today, that you shouldn't miss reading

Welcome to today's package of interesting facts that will leave you surprised. Take time to read the article to the end to enable you grab something that will be helpful.An electric eel has multiple cells along its body that create a potential difference of over 650 volts and 1A of current. A single jolt could incapacitate a person and make the person drown, multiple jolts could stop the person's breath.Yes, Singapore has the fastest Internet connection in the world. So, if you feel Nigeria has a slow Internet connection you can travel to Singapore.Yes, this is true and also a fact.You can try it to see if it will help.I really need to taste some of that.This is so nice. It means that it may have free Internet connection.Cancer is very deadly, try this and see if it might help.

These are some of the interesting facts for today.

See you on my next article.

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