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Kidney Disease Diet Plan – 7 Superfoods That Could Save Your Kidneys

What Food To Eat

There are some superfoods out there, which are really good for repairing damaged kidneys and have you feeling much better in yourself. These foods are healthy in general and have other health benefits including weight loss. Just some of these foods that contribute to a good kidney disease diet plan include the following.

Apples – These have anti inflammatory properties and they are high in fiber. They are also known to prevent against constipation, reduce cholesterol levels and help lower your chances of heart disease during your lifetime.

Chicken – This delicious meat (without the skin and grilled) is very good for you. It contains heaps of protein and none of the bad stuff that you should be avoiding.

Red peppers – This food is perfect if you are looking for something which is low in potassium. Just some of the nutrients included in red bell peppers include vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. They are a natural antioxidant and are even said to help protect the body against certain cancers. Red peppers are very versatile, they can be snacked on throughout the day or eaten as part of a main meal.

Blueberries – There are many berries which are good for those who have kidney disease including blueberries. They have lots of natural ingredients that help to protect against inflammation. They also help to keep your bones healthy and your mind sharp. Some of the good stuff in blueberries includes manganese and vitamin C.

Salmon – Oily fish like salmon has healthy omega 3 fatty acids, that is going to positively benefit your body. This food is also known to lower cholesterol levels and has many anti inflammatory properties which will leave you feeling healthier in general.

Egg whites – If you are looking for something to eat that is pure protein, look no further. Egg whites also contain essential amino acids and will help you feel satisfied throughout the day.

Cabbage – If you need another vegetable to add to your plan, cabbage is a great one. It contains many vitamins that are important in the fight against kidney disease including vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber.

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Kidney Disease Superfoods


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