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How to Teach Your Kid To Blow Out Phlegm From Their Nose

We can’t wait for our child to start doing some activities on their own, one of such activities is how to blow out the phlegm from their noses. We really ant this done because we don't want to be wiping unclean noses forever.

This tip will help you teach your child how to blow out the blockages in their nose by themselves: 

Educate them by using a cotton ball.

Make your child get familiar with the impression of blowing out the air with their nose, put a cotton ball on one of his noses and close his mouth, this will get him to try moving the cotton ball with his nose air.

Now that he’s going to try blowing out the cotton ball, you can as well use a tissue. Try to gently press one of his nostrils and close it while he tries blowing out with the other nostril, then you can switch sides.

Teach him also how to dispose them once he's done, wash his hands to avoid spreading of infections.

For those who don’t have cotton balls at home presently, you can likewise use a clean tissue, put the tissue on a table and make them learn how to blow out air from their noses to shift the tissue. 

To make it interesting, turn it into a game where both of you are competing to see who would be the fastest blow the tissue across the table.

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