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This is What Happens When You take a Glass of Water in the Morning

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Water has been defined and described a number of times but one thing we needs to know is that it is the inorganic substance that everyone uses everyday. Without Water, it has been established that no one could survive, Yes! Because our body needs fluids to regulate all chemical processes needed for the normal functioning of our body system. No wonder they said Water is life because its is used for innumerable purposes by human.

Lets quickly highlight what we humans uses water for;

- to drink

- to cook

- processing of our food

- to bath

- to wash our cloth

And many more

According to Scientist, Water is an inorganic substance which is the main constituents of fluids in all living organism having the following features; Transparent



Nearly Colourless

However, in this article I'm going to be showing you what water does when we take it in the morning,

- Taking Water in the morning eradicate excessive weight which leads to weight loss.

- Its Prevent Hangovers in our throats

- its reduces the chances of having Kidney problem because it treats kidney stones.

- Its makes the brain to function well and enhances our energy levels

- Water prevent unnecessary headaches

- its helps in relieving constipation

- Water Flushes out Toxins i.e Toxic Substances.

- its improves our physical complexion

- lastly, its maintains the regularity of the body System and organs

Note; taking alot of water could be dangerous because its reduces the levels of salt in our system which will lead to Water Intoxication (Hyponatremia).

According to scientist, Four Glasses of water is Ok per day..

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