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5 Foods People Who Are Recovering From Surgery or Injuries Should Eat To Speed Up Their Healing

Recovering from a major injury or from a major surgery is usually a priority for the people involved. Because, the earlier their wounds heal, the earlier they will be able to resume daily activities and live their normal lives.

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However, what many people may not know is that whether they are recovering from an injury or a major surgery, the foods they eat goes a long way in determining how fast their wounds will heal and their overall recovery time.

There are foods that can delay a person's recovery time and there are foods that can help body tissues to grow faster and reduce Inflammation thereby, speeding the healing and recovery process. 

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Here Are Five Foods People Who Are Recovering From A Major Injury Or Surgery Should Eat Everyday To Speed Up Their Healing Process

1. Sweet Potatoes: sweet potatoes are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, anti inflammatory properties and enzyme's that helps wounds to heal faster.

Sweet potatoes should be included in the diet of people who have undergone major surgery or, have sustained serious injuries as a result of unfortunate events like accidents.

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2. Chicken: chicken contains properties like; glutamine, amino acids, and arginine which helps in repairing tissues and wounds. Arginine in particular helps wounds to heal faster. According to Healthline, an injury can cause the arginine levels in the body to reduce thereby, slowing down recovery.

But eating chicken regularly provides the body with more amino acids and arginine which will ensure quick recovery. Avoid eating the skins of chicken because, they contain a lot of fat.

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3. Green Leafy Vegetable: leafy vegetables like, ugu also aid in the quick healing of wounds and in the quicker regeneration of tissues damaged during major surgeries.

Leafy green vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenol, folic acid, antiinflammatory properties and many other nutritents that helps in the regeneration of tissues and quick healing of wounds.

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4. Eggs: eggs are. products of poultry. Eggs are a very rich source of protein. Studies have shown that, the body needs a lot of protein after it has undergone a trauma like major surgery or, serious injury. 

Apart from being rich in protein, eggs are also rich in zinc, iron, vitamins and other nutritents which work together to ensure quick recovery.

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5. Organ Meat: organ meats are meats that are derived from the organs of animals. Some popular organ meats includes the heart, kidney and liver of animals animals. Organ meats are some of the most nutritious meats that exists.

Some of the nutritents packed in organ meat helps to reduce Inflammation and quick recovery of wounds. Organ Meats are also a rich source of protein.

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