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Signs And Prevention of Small Private Organ Syndrome

Small Private organ Syndrome is more like a mental or psychological condition that affects some persons. People suffering from this syndrome don't necessarily have any problem with the size of their private organs, they just feel overly anxious about the size of the private organ.

According to research, people suffering from this problem, don't have any physical issues. They don't have a small Private organ but somehow they always feel anxious and insecure about the size of their private organs and feel they will be judged by other guys because they feel they have small sizes. It is a condition that many young guys suffer from including older guys and in the article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs of this problem. Just sit tight and enjoy this piece whilst learning something new.

What Are The Signs Of Small Private Organ Syndrome?

1. If you Constantly compare the size of you private organ to that of others including those you see on various adult sites, you are suffering from this syndrome.

2. If you have the belief that your private organ is extremely small even after going through the average private organ statistics, there is every likelihood you are suffering from this problem.

3. Placing an unusually high value on private organ size. The truth is that quality of intimacy is not in anyway dependent on private organ size. If you always place an unusually high value on private organ size, you are suffering from this problem.

4. Difficulty being intimate with your partner because you feel insecure about you private organ size and feel you will be embarrassed if you get on with it.

5. Reduced function of the private organ in the area of erection or getting an orgasm due to insecurity and psychological disturbances about your private organ size.

If you have the above signs and symptoms, you are suffering from this condition. It is not a physical condition but more like a psychological condition that can also be done away with if you ablmbrace you fears and do away with the triggers.

Ways Of Overcoming This Problem?

First of all, you need to do away with the triggers. Sometimes people start having these thoughts after coming across or seeing pornographic contents on the internet. So for you to finally do away with the thoughts, you need to stop or cut down significantly on the number and way you watch adult contents. If you are addicted, you can consult a doctor for help on how to quit watching adult contents online.

Secondly, you can research and ask your doctor about what the average private organ size looks like. This will help satisfy your mind that you are not really on the downside but on the high side of the divide. It helps seriously, so make sure you do this if small Private organ Syndrome is becoming an issue for you.

Thirdly, get busy. When you get busy, you will start worrying less about private organ size. There is alot to life than private organ size and also do well to stay away from guys who place much value on private organ size before they drag you back into such mindset.

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Source: Medical News Today

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