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If You Are 45 Years And Above Check Out Some Common Fruits That Prevents Chronic Diseases

Health challenges are prone to aging individuals. At this stage, their bodies are delicate, sensitive and requires adequate diet, and proper checkup.The importance of fruits cannot be over emphasized.Fruits are good sources of minerals and vitamins.The nutrient in fruit are vital for the health and maintainance of the body.People who eat fruit have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. A lot of people eat fruit without knowing its impact on their body system.Which is why the functions of fruits will be considered.

Photo Credit: Prospect Medical Group

1 Grapes: It promotes a healthy liver and relaxes the blood prevents liver damage.

2 Strawberry: It fights against aging and cancer

Photo Credit: Unlock Food.Com

3 Water melon: It prevents heart attack and controls heart rate.

4 Pineapple: It fights Arthritis

Photo Credit: NDTV Food

5 Apple: It helps the body to develop resistance against infections and diseases

6 Mango: it boosts and increase the bodies ability to fight against infections and cancer

Photo Credit: Health Line

7 Orange: Helps to maintain a good skin and vision

8 Cherry: It calms the nervous system

9 Banana: It provides energy to the body

Photo Credit: Unlock Food.Com

10 Kiwis: increases bone mass.

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