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Ovarian reserve and Amh test, important/ relevance in a woman's fertility reproduction


Theme: Ovarian Reserve & AMH Test, Importance/Relevance In A Woman's Fertility/ Reproduction 


1. *What is Ovarian Reserve?*

First off, every woman out there starts life with about 2 million eggs from birth. Isn't that amazing? Awesome God!

Ovarian reserve is is simply defined as the test used to determine the capacity of the two ovaries to provide quantitative and qualitative egg cells that are capable of meeting with quality sperm and leading to fertilization, which will further lead to a healthy and successful pregnancy.!!

2. *Why is Ovarian Reserve Important?*

So here is the deal, as you age, your egg reserves diminish both in quantity and quality. This process can be due to normal natural aging process or due to genetic factors, environmental factors, certain medical treatments like cancer treatments [ chemotherapy] or injury/ diseased ovaries. 

3. *So, What Is Diminished Ovarian Reserve?(DOR)*

So, naturally this occurs when a woman’s ovaries lose their reproductive potential/ ability!

By default, DOR, can / may most likely cause infertility.

As already mentioned above, a woman’s ovarian reserve refers to the quality and quantity of her eggs which she will use to have her babies. 

So, diminished ovarian reserve means those factors are decreasing [ quantity and quality of eggs in both ovaries].

Generally DOR usually occurs around;

● Menopause, however please note, the rate of decrease can vary from woman to woman.

● So, aging is the primary cause of diminished ovarian reserve. This is a natural process. From age 35 , your egg reserves diminish. 

 ● By extension, DOR can also be caused by genetic abnormalities and some medical treatments like cancer treatments [ chemotherapy/ radiotherapy]

● Injury to the ovaries can also lead to DOR.

4. *How can i know my egg reserve?*

So, your Doctor/Physicians will use specific hormone tests [ Anti Mullerian Hormone test] , follicle stimulating hormone [ FSH] and ultrasound imaging to evaluate/ check your ovarian reserve.

5. *What will i do if i have DOR?*


Sadly, there is no treatment for DOR! Nothing can stop the process of diminished ovarian reserve, once you have lost your eggs, you have lost them.

6. *So what can i do?*

Fortunately women who have DOR and are infertile due to low egg count or quality can receive help. 

These women can sometimes use assisted reproductive technologies [ IVF, Fertility medications to achieve a pregnancy.. 

7. *So, does it mean, once i have DOR i can't become pregnant?*

No no .. not at all, NOT ALL DOR will lead to infertility. Some women can have DOR and still achieve pregnancy with the few remaining healthy eggs. However, if you have DOR and also have infertility issues, You MUST SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY

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