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Why We Can’t Help Sticking Our Foot Out of Bed at Night

We've all experienced the versatility of the multitasking sleeping experience, and surprisingly not getting our feet noticed is often helpful in doing the trick. The secret behind this is that we are 65 ° F for a good night's sleep and our feet are the gateway to that perfect environment.

We come to this unusual sleep pattern next to Brook.

Helps regulate body temperature.

Our feet are, in fact, a perfect heating system. "It cools down in hot climates and allows a lot of blood to reach the surface of the skin," said the sleep expert.

Plus, the feet are hairless, so they stay cool all night. As a result, our body temperature can be balanced and we can sleep comfortably.

Standing upright helps you fall asleep faster.

To sleep, our body temperature must drop from 1 to 2 degrees. This is why we fight to stay awake when it is too hot: our bodies fight excess heat. So it is important to cool off at night and take your feet off the blanket. If you allow your body to cool down quickly, it can quickly slide into existence.

If you want to sleep under the blanket, it is a very comfortable position.

Many of us have many different reasons to sleep without our blankets. But the common problem we all have is that it is too hot, so we find ourselves in the situation where we are 22 years old. Opening our feet is the solution to this problem and helps keep our body comfortable under a blanket.

Do you put your legs out during sleep? Does it work when you're having trouble sleeping?

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