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Treatment Of Avascular Necrosis In Sickle Cell Disease

Avascular necrosis is a condition in sickle cell disease patients that is described by the constriction of blood flow to bone tissues, causing dysfunction and possible death of bone tissues. The stages of avascular necrosis would determine the sort of treatment to be used and its effectiveness.

Stage 1 of avascular necrosis is known by the x-rays shown using a magnetic resonance imaging machinery MRI. Stage 2 can be seen on any normal x-ray machine, but there is no seen collapse of the femoral ball. Stage 3 is described by the sight of the collapse of the femoral ball which is identified by the crescent sign shape. Stage 4 shows collapse on x-ray and signs of cartilage damage (osteoarthritis). 

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There are surgical procedures or treatments for avascular necrosis, one of which is OSTEOTOMY; osteotomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a piece of a bone, using a wedge to reposition the bone, to allow the deconstruction of blocked blood flow, and permit vessels to supply blood freely to the bone tissues, and to reduce the effect of weight on the compromised bone. 

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The other is the CORE DECOMPRESSION; core decompression is a surgical treatment of avascular necrosis that removes the inner layer of the bone. This would then result in pressure reduction within the bones, and opening a new area for blood to flow through within the bones by the formation of new blood vessels. 

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Most times, a piece an addition of a piece of bone with good blood vessels is put into the area to speed up the process of blood supply. This procedure tends to work the most and at its best at the earliest stages of avascular necrosis. The patient would require the use of crutches while the area of surgery heals. 

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ARTHROPLASTY; arthroplasty is another surgical procedure for the treatment of avascular necrosis, this method includes the removal of the diseased or infected bone completely and replacing the area with artificial parts. This is the best recommended and used procedure for avascular necrosis at its late stages when the joint is destroyed partially or completely, it can also be referred to as a joint replacement.

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