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Add These Foods To Your Diet To Help Support Your Immune System During Cold And Flu Season

The immune system needs to be healthy on a daily basis to prevent certain illness. Certain foods you eat can help support your immune system to keep your body in fighting shape against cold and flu. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great way to avoid illness and combining a nutritious diet will give your immune everything it needs to keep you well.

The ideal way to support your immune system during cold and flu season naturally is to get the necessary vitamins and minerals through the following foods.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes is a delicious immune booster. The vitamin A in sweet potatoes helps to protect your cells and fight off cold and flu.


Mushroom is loaded with vitamin B, selenium,zinc, and vitamin D, these nutrients protects the body from cold and flu.


Legumes like dried peas, chickpeas and lentils help supports the immune system against cold and flu, these legumes contains fibre that can reduce inflammation in your body.


Oysters like shrimp and lobster can do wonders to your immune health. To support a healthy immune add oyster into your diet.


Salmon provides your body with immune supporting nutrients like vitamin D, Omega fatty acids and protein which is optimal for anti body production against cold and flu.

A healthy diet along with this preventive step like hand washing prevents the spread of germs and is one of the best way to lessen illness.

Including any of these foods into your diet during cold or flu season can support your immune System in a healthy way. Adequate intake of these diets will reduce your risk of getting cold and flu.

If you catch a cold or you are down with flu, resting at home is sufficient. But if you have flu complications, consider seeing your doctor as soon as possible.

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Sweet Potatoes


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