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2050: malaria could be wiped out, scientists say.

malaria could be wiped out by 2050 with the right funding,tools.scientists say

One of the world's oldest disease that claim almost half a million lives each year and 200 million annual cases

Young children are most valuable to the disease and accounting for 61 percent of death.scientist now report that has found the complete eradication of the disease

Investment by government and donors to tackle the disease,they say. Scientists found that there has been a rise in case in 55 countries across Africa,Asia and Latin America with Nigeria and democratic republic of Congo accounting for 36 percent of global cases.

Scientists are now calling for policies and funding to stamp out the disease. And want to see the development of new tools, vaccines and drugs as well as funding boost to put the plan into action.

Scientists argue that by wiping out malaria it would overcome the problem of restless evolution of drug resistance by the disease and insecticide resistance of mosquitoes. Malaria eradication is a public health and equity imperative of our generation. Scientists say.

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