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You Are Slowly Killing Yourself, If You are still Doing Any Of These 5 Things, As A Man

Death is one thing that nobody can prevent but that doesn't mean we should not live a fulfilling life. Some people just do some things thinking that is normal, whereas this has taken many to their early grave, and this can make you lose focus in life if you don't take early precautions now.

Many men keep doing things thinking they are enjoying life. Not knowing that they slowly killing themself.

Here are things you do that is slowly killing you

1. Too much intake of junk food:

Men are more prone to have health conditions than women. We all know the rate of hypertension and heart attack in the country is increasing on regular basics and the rate of people who are dying due to heart attack is increasing. As a man, you can't eat anything that you see outside just because you are hungry as many of those processed food contained a lot of chemicals that causes you health conditions like heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes and other deadly diseases that can cause untimely death.

2. Excessively smoking:

As they say, smokers are liable to die young even despite the warnings some men especially the youth still ignore it. Smoking cigarettes or tobacco can darken the heart and kidney and then can damage it because most of those blood cells are weak. Smoking can cause serious damage to the health, mental physical state, as one will no longer be active and this can lead to absence from work and other related activities. So my advice is that you should stay away from smoking as it causes more harm than good.

3. Having too many sexual partners.

As a man having many sexual partners can do more harm, as it can increase the risk of getting HIV/AIDs, gonorrhea, staphylococcus, and many others. Having many sexual partners will only get you diseases that can shorten one's life. As a man, you should stick to one woman as this will help you reduce the risk of getting HIV/AIDs.

4. Excessive intake of alcohol

Drinking alcohol has many side effects as it makes you lose focus in life and this can increase the blood sugar level and thereby causing unwanted diseases like diabetes, kidney damages, and many others diseases. And these can lead to brain damage and many others.

5. Lack of exercises

We all know that exercises should be a part of our daily routine as it helps to reduce unwanted sickness and many other health problems.

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