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Ladies Who Diet And Still Want To Look Fresh And Healthy Should Try These Meals

Getting the perfect body and shape is the dream and goal of so many ladies. Some even go as far as spending alot and using so many methods to achieve this goal.

So many reduce their food which they call dieting, but most of these people end up looking so dry, unhealthy and malnourished, due to the kind of food they eat to lose weight.

Most ladies even end up having dry skins and loss of physical freshness.

However, there are some foods one can still eat while slimming and one will still look fresh.

Okro and Amala

This tasty meal is filled with a lot of fat burning nutrients and freshness attributes contained in it. It is advisable that the okro should be prepared containing fish, chicken or goat meat.

Rice And Vegetable Sauce

Rice with vegetable sauce also makes the body fresh while still keeping the perfect body shape. The vegetable shouldn't be overcooked and should contain fish, chicken or other healthy meats, and cAn also be spiced

Fried Spaghetti or Pasta

For the preparation of this delecacy, all the ingredients of fried rice can be used. Spaghetti helps to keep the body fresh while also slimming down and maintaining body size.

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Amala Okro Pasta Rice And


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