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If You Notice These 3 Initial Signs, You Might Be Suffering From a Heart Disease

Heart disease is one health condition that often develops overtime. You may experience early symptoms long before the main heart problem commences; also before it becomes a threat to your life, it must have shown several signs pointing to that fact and if you care about your health, be really careful with your health.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the initial signs, you might be suffering from a heart disease. Just sit tight and enjoy the article while learning also from the piece.

1. Chest Pain; this is the first actual sign you might be suffering from a heart disease. One sign of heart disease is frequent chest Pain that is not as a result of any actual lingering disease. If you notice that you're always having chest Pain for no clear reason, then you have to visit the hospital for tests and checkup to ensure you are not suffering from a heart disease.

2. Shortness of Breath; this is another sign of heart disease, if you are suffering from heart disease, you might not find it easy breathing freely. Shortness of breath is one major sign of heart disease and if you always find it difficult breathing, you might be suffering from a heart disease. Since heart disease affects the heart directly, one of the initial signs is shortness of breath or inability to breathe.

3. Swelling of The Ankle and Legs; Edema is the swelling of one's lower legs and it's another sign of a heart problem. When your heart doesn't work well, blood flow slows down and then packs in the veins of your legs thus leading to the swell up of your lower legs and sometimes hands. You might also notice a swelling of your stomach and unnecessary weight gain.

All these points to an impending heart disease, do well to follow the handle and also share to friends for more updates. Thanks.

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