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It is Pronouced "Sweet" Not "Suite" - See Others

Don't ever assume you are getting it right, here are few simple words youbare not pronouncing right. Before we go ahead,why not hit the like and follow button to get more updates.

This article could be life changing for you, both for your written and oral English. My dear, it amuses me too,how I have been totally been pronouncing these words the wrong way, I just feel so embarrassed already. Then I came to realised that we get these words wrongly because we pronounced it the way it appears and we avoid the correct pronunciation because of the fear of grimicing face, its OK. You need to look funny just like this cat. To begin with this count down,first on my list is this one,its important to note how I have pictorially made this piece as simple as it can be.

Make-up your mind to sound like a professional speaker, even most of our celebrities are far cries from getting this pronunciation right, this is at our door steps,screenshot it,read and practise them everyday with your family, friends and colleagues at work and notice how your confident grow,share this masterpiece to get other ones.

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English Sweet


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