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Squeeze Guava Leaf And Add A Pinch Of Salt To Treat These Diseases.

Hello my people, i am here again with this natural remedy technique to help us lead a normal life, today i would be discussing guava leaf.

How to prepare

Squeeze guava leaves and add a pinch of salt to remove the phytochemicals.

Thirdly, sieve this leaf and to obtain the liquid, then add a pinch of salt to it.

 You have successfully prepared it, I am very happy for you, remember to follow this procedure keenly.

 Health Benefits

This mixture helps to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes or people without the disease.

The mixture helps to improve heart health because it will help lower blood pressure and decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

The mixture helps to alleviate the painful part of menstrual cramps.

 If you eat the leaves, it serves as fiber to help increase your digestion.

 This mixture helps you lose weight when you start using it in less than 2 weeks, you should start to see the results.

This mixture has anti-cancer effects because it has antioxidants that destroy free radicals produced anywhere in our body.

It has antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial benefits.

how does it have these properties.

 The phenolic compounds present in this natural remedy help to cure cancer cells and prevent skin aging prematurely.

 These are the phytochemicals that help in its various health benefits, they are saponin, oleanolic acid, lyxopyranoside, arabopyranoside, guaijavarin, quercetin and flavonoids, terpenes, caryophyllene oxide and p-selinene.


Take two half cups of extract twice a day.

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Thank you.

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