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Good And Bad Effects Of Drinking Alcohol

Good effects of drinking alcohol: taking little alcohol at least once in a week is good in our bodies to fight some stomach problems.

It will reduce the risk of developing and dying of what is called heart disease. Also it will prevent you from stroke, it also possibly reducing your risk of diabetes as a result of bitter chemical and many health substances in alcohol.

You fit drink like three units of alcohol a day or twenty one units per week, no drink pass that level your own good.

You can even add little alcohol to some of your herbal medicine to cure many sickness.

Let's move to the bad effects of drinking alcohol:

Drinking of too much alcohol can do many bad things in our bodies. Drinking alcohol can cause temporary complications such as coordination, and memory loss and so on and so forth.

It interfere with how the brain work, functions and how it's react or structured.

If you make drinking of alcohol your daily activities without considering the health risk and danger of losing your life, I will advice you today to stop it.

Please adhere to the guidelines and you will enjoy drinking alcohol, no kill yourself with your own hand.

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