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How Many Years Can Smoking Reduce From A Person's Lifespan?

Smoking is a widespread harmful habit that should be abandoned. Despite numerous health warnings published on various websites and hospital journals, people continue to smoke, disregarding the negative consequences such as cardiac arrest and other health problems that can significantly shorten their lifespan.

In this article, based on information from NHS, we will examine the number of years smoking can reduce a person's lifespan. Join us and learn something new.

How many years can smoking take off a person's lifespan?

Research suggests that smokers are at a higher risk of dying prematurely. Starting to smoke at a young age increases the likelihood of developing severe health issues that can lead to early death.

Experts estimate that smokers' life expectancy is at least 10 years shorter than non-smokers. According to healthline This means that smokers are more likely to die younger than non-smokers of the same age group. Losing 10 years of life is a significant risk, and quitting smoking is the best decision for a better future.

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