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Reduce Your Intake Of Beans And Legumes If You Have Any Of These Medical Conditions

Beans and legumes are healthy plant-based sources of protein which are rich in essential vitamins and fibers. It is very nutritious as it reduce your cholesterol as well as diminish the risks of getting certain types of cancers.

It plays a important role in regulating your blood sugar level and also improve your bowel movements. However, Beans might also contain substances which are not suitable for people with certain medical conditions.

You should reduce the amount of beans and legumes in your diet, if you have these medical conditions.

Gas and Intestinal Infection.

According to research, intake of too much of beans can lead to flatulence, excessive gas problems. Beans is liable to cause gas because they contain a certain type of sugar known as oligosaccharides.

Vitamin deficiency anemia.

Excessive beans intake has a great risk to your vitamin absorption, someone who has problem with absorption of vitamins should reducing the intake of beans.

Nevertheless, the recommended food for people suffering from vitamin deficiency include fresh fruits, green vegetables, lean meat and other meals rich in vitamins and minerals.

Migraine headache.

Migraine headache is referred to an headache that is accompanied with nausea and sensitivity to sound and light. Beans contains a substance known as tannin, and this is responsible for headaches.


Beans and legumes have been proven to contain fibres that helps in preventing constipation. However, beans can also cause constipation if you refuse to drink the required amount of water after eating beans.

The reason for this is that bean high is in both soluble and insoluble fiber, and it's necessary to drink enough liquid for the fibers to move as expected in your system.

It is advisable to reduce beans so as to prevent the risk of constipation.

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Source: Vanguard, and Healthline

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