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Know If You Suffer Condition And How To Avoid Abdominal Pain

The cause of abdominal pain can be diagnosed through carrying out several number of examinations. Before requesting for testing, your doctor or medical consultant will carry out a physical examination. This physical examination can include gentle presses on different regions of your abdomen to examine for tenderness and swelling.

The information gotten from this examination, in combination with the seriousness of the pain and its location within your abdomen, can help your doctor or medical consultant to know which tests to order.

Also, imaging tests, like MRI scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays are being used to see organs, tissues and other structures in the abdomen extensively. Furthermore, these tests can help in diagnosing tumors, fractures, ruptures and inflammation in the abdomen.

Some other tests can include the following:

●     Colonoscopy, which is to view inside the colon and intestines

●     Endoscopy, which is to detect inflammation and abnormalities in the esophagus and stomach

●     Upper GI- this is a special X-ray test that uses contrast dye to check for the presence of growths, ulcers, inflammation, blockages and other abnormalities in the stomach

Also, blood, urine and stool samples may also need be collected to look for more evidence of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

How can you prevent abdominal pain

Although, not all types of abdominal pain can be preventable. You can however, minimize the risk of developing abdominal pain by doing any of the following:

●     Eat a healthy diet.

●     Drink water frequently.

●     Exercise regularly.

●     Eat smaller meals.

If you are suffering from an intestinal disorder like Crohn’s disease, it is important that you follow the diet your doctor or medical consultant has recommended for you in order to reduce discomfort. Also, If you have GERD, avoid eating within two hours of your bedtime.

Lying down too quickly after just eating can cause heartburn and abdominal pain. You should however try to wait for at least 2 hours after eating before you lie down.

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