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Meet the Fattest Man of all time - Jon Brower Minnoch

Jon Brower Minnoch, was an American man who, at his peak weight, was the heaviest human being ever recorded, weighting 1,400 Ib ( 635 kilograms; 100 stones). He was born on September 29, 1941. At the age of 12, Minnoch weighted 291 Ib (133 kilograms; 21.0 stones), and by the age of 22 he was 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) in height and weight 500 Ib ( 230 kilograms; 36 stones).

Minnoch's weight continued to increase steadily until his hospitalization in March 1978 at age 36 due to cardiac and respiratory failure. The same year, he broke a record for the greatest different in weight between a married couple when he married his 110-Ib (50 kg) wife Jeannette and later fathered two children.

Transportation for Minnoch was extremely difficult. It took over a dozen firemen and rescue personnel and a special modified stretchers to transport him to the University of Washington Medicine in Seattle. There, he was placed on two beds pushed together, and it took 13 people to simply roll him over for linen changes.

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