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3 Reasons Your Tongue May Swell.

Having a swollen tongue might be most times not harmful, however, it can be an indication of some health conditions.

According to the publication of VeryWellHealth, possible reasons for swollen tongue are;

1. Skin Conditions

Diseases of the skin can result in tongue irritation which may trigger a little swelling.

For instance, mouth sores and tooth erosion can make the tissue around the tongue get swollen.

2. Infection

The mouth can get several kinds of infections, including sexually transmitted infections that are passed through oral intimacy.

Syphilis, gonorrhoea, and human papillomavirus (HPV) can lead to inflammation, sores, warts, or swollen tongue and swelling of the tissue around it.

3. Cancer

Tongue cancer is an uncommon trigger of a tongue that appears or feels swollen. Usually, this discomfort is linked with a cancerous growth on the tongue.

Relying on where the cancer growth occurred, you might also have the feel of you lump in your mouth or throat. Your mouth, tongue, and throat may feel pain.

In some circumstances, the discomfort is bad enough that an individual has difficulty talking, chewing, and swallowing.

Content created and supplied by: Healthox (via Opera News )

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