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Do you think Medicine is more complex than Law? - check this out before you decide

Reasons while Medicine is harder than Law:

1. The undergraduate prerequisites for admission to a legitimate medical school includes much advanced science and mathematics coursework.

2. Admission criteria, in terms of GPA and standardized test scores, is more stringent with medical schools.

3. The total post-undergraduate education time commitment is at least four years of medical school, followed by generally at least four years of residency and sub-specialty training for doctors. Law school is often a three year venture.

4. The coursework load in the four years of medical school starts out as enormously daunting, and, by the last two years, with medical practical added into the mix, the information one is required to commit to memory is equivalent to having a fire-hose opened on the student at full strength. 

Reason why Law is harder than Medicine:

1. If the blood is going to drain from your head if you have to stand up without warning, recite the facts of the case and make an argument, in front of a big room full of people, while the prof throws bizarre questions at you, you’re not going to have a great time in law school, and possibly beyond.

2. If you are not fluent in English and are not understandable, or just don’t sound convincing (or look convincing), you are not going to have the confidence of a lot of clients, and will have a hard time in hearings or meetings anyway.


It probably depends on who you are.

SO ask yourself who you are, and what you want. You can go to med school and still write novels, like Michael Crichton, or, rarely, even find yourself in Congress, like Congressman Ralph Abraham.

Which one do you think is more complex?

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