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2 Causes Of Lactation In Women Without Being Pregnant

Lactation is common with women who just gave birth and breastfeeding their babies, and sometimes it also occurs during pregnancy. It is also important to know that both males and females can discharge a milky substance from one or both of their nipples without breastfeeding or being pregnant.

The process of lactating without breastfeeding is called galactorrhea, this condition is unrelated to the milk produced during breastfeeding. This could raise a lot of alarm when you experience such discharge but take note that there is no link between breast cancer and galactorrhea, a lot of people attribute a strong relationship between the two of them.

Below are 2 causes of lactation in women without being pregnant.

1. High level of hormone imbalance

A lot of women suffer from hormone imbalance which might lead to a high prolactin level in the body that later leads to lactating in a woman which in most cases hinders a woman from getting pregnant. The moment you find yourself lactating without breastfeeding please book an appointment with your doctor and start your medications as soon as possible.

2. Changing of medications

In some rare cases, some women respond to body changes when placed on some medication that changes the way the body reacts and this can stimulate the female reproductive organs which might lead to a woman lactating. Once you notice any of these signs please try to discontinue such drugs and visit your doctor immediately.

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