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5 Tips People Who Snore Can Follow To Reduce Their Snoring And Foods To Avoid Before Bed

It is not unusual to hear people produce a hoarse, coarse sound called snoring when they sleep, with some people capable of producing sounds that would reverberate. It is a common phenomenon in humans and it usually occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues found in the throat, thus causing a vibration that brings about the sound produced when a person snores. The reason why people snore is different but many people who snore do so when they are exhausted due to physical exertion.

Photo Illustration Of A Snoring Man

Although snoring once in a while is normal, however, when snoring becomes persistent or chronic, it can be an indication of a serious health issue. Apart from it being a likely indication of an underlying serious health challenge, snoring can also be embarrassing especially for people who often sleep beside their partners. This is because the sound produced when they snore is capable of disturbing not just the sleep quality of their partners, but of the person who snores.

Photo Illustration Of A Snoring Man

Due to how embarrassing snoring can be, coupled with how it can be indicative of underlying health challenges, it is not unusual to see people seek medical attention when they have chronic cases of snoring. However, apart from being tired, other factors that can significantly contribute to snoring include the anatomy of an individual's mouth, sleeping on the back, not getting enough sleep, nasal problems, and alcohol consumption.

With snoring capable of disrupting a person's quality of sleep, treatment often abounds but following some tips can also make a huge difference in reducing how people snore. If you snore, below are five (5) tips you can follow to stop or reduce how much you snore:

1. If you are overweight or obese, try and lose weight.

2. When sleeping, try as much as possible to avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, ensure to sleep on your side.

3. Raise the head of your bed by about four inches.

4. Get at least seven (7) hours of sleep every night.

5. Limit your intake of alcohol or avoid it.

Apart from the aforementioned tips that can help you to stop snoring, certain foods are best avoided few hours before bedtime to avoid snoring. Such foods are highlighted below:

1. Dairy Products (Milk, Yoghurt, Ice Cream, Butter, etc)

2. Red Meat

3. Bread

4. Alcohol

5. Bananas

6. Potatoes

7. Cabbage

8. Sugary Foods

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