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Avoid This Bad Habits If You Want progress In Life

Bad habit are stealthy, sneaking into you daily routine when you list expect it. They hog on your time, affect your creativity, and can even lead to burnout. Don't let procrastination becomes a personality traits. Break these bad habits to boost your productivity

. Social Media addiction

The internet has become an indisposabel part of our life. Our day begin with scrolling through the twitter feed and ends with sharing Instagram stories. Being active on social media is not necessarily a bad habit, provided you know your limits. Don't loose your grip on reality. Life doesn't have rose tint filters. You need to get back to reality and take on your responsibility. Stop checking your phone every minute when working.

. Late to bed, late to rise

Staying up late and waking up, tired eyed has become a common trait among professionals this days. Not getting enough sleep Less to daytime fatigue, irritation and loss of focus. Make it a point to get in bed by midnight, soak up the early hours of the night, that is when you get the best sleep.

Avoid taking your work home, your bedroom should be peaceful and space free space.

. The struggle of perfection

Those in the technical line of work get away with this and they don't care abouy perfection unlike those in the creative space. People from the creative area might also has the urge to do and redo a job until it is perfect, this may seem like a perfect approach initially, the strive for perfection is a time taking process. Learn to let things go, you cannot control every aspect of project and tweak it the way you want.

. skipping breakfast In the morning rush, we often forget one of the most important meal of the day. Having a hearty breakfast keeps your body rejuvenated and alert for the day. It also reduce gastric issues, ulcer and digestive problems. Make it a point to have a nutritious breakfast before going to work.

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