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3 Morning Habits That Improve Good Mental Health

Morning habits are beneficial to our mental health in a million different ways, and these habits if practiced regularly becomes a healthy lifestyle.

Below are 3 morning habits that improve good mental health:

1. Meditation

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Practicing morning meditation plays important roles not only in our mental health, but also our social health. Researches have proven that spending at least 10 - 20 minutes daily on meditation can boost productivity, reduce stress and anxiety levels.

2. Exercise

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Frequent exercise is another habit that can improve the mental health by stimulating neuronal connection, it also pumps more oxygen and blood to the brain. Exercise is very helpful for proper brain function.

3. Daily plan

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Our mental health can also be improved by planning the goals we want to achieve, this gives us the privilege to plan and prepare for our daily activities.

Practicing these habits regularly plays significant roles in improving our mental health.

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