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Pregnancy period

Common eye infections to expect during pregnancy

Photo Credit: FirstCry

Eye infections can happen to pregnant women at any moment, just as they occur in non-pregnant women. Pregnant women, on the other hand, maybe more susceptible to infections in general due to changes in hormone levels and immune system function.

You should be familiar with eye infections you might likely face during pregnancy so it won't catch you off guard.

Here are common eye infections that can occur during pregnancy

1 Conjunctivitis

Photo Credit: FirstCry

The conjunctiva is a thin membrane that covers the white surface of the eye and when inflamed, it can cause extreme redness. This eye infection will clear itself after a week and if it does not, please contact your doctor.

2 Dry eyes

Photo Credit: Eyeeco's

This is primarily caused by a lack of moisture in the eye, but it occurs during pregnancy due to hormonal changes which influence the Meibomian gland that lines the eyelids and keeps the tears oily.

3 Blurry eyes

Photo Credit: FirstCry

This occurs when water retention during pregnancy affects the cornea causing swelling in the eye tissue.

4 Swollen eyes

Photo Credit: Healthsite

This occurs during pregnancy when water retention remains under your eyelids causing it to become more puffy and swollen. However, the swelling in the eyes can be very scary, it does not cause and harm during pregnancy.

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