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Things Parents Should Know About Childhood Cancer

People can have cancer at any age. And as a parent, you have to know everything that associates with children's cancers and how you can prevent your kids from having them. This type of disease can lead to several health conditions if not well treated.

What causes cancer?

The causes of most childhood cancer are a mystery (i.e unknown). According to studies and researches, almost 5 percent of childhood cancer can are caused by an inherited mutation. Most kids' cancers are developed as a result of mutations in the genes which can lead to unhindered cell growths, and eventually cancer. However, identifying the causes of children's cancer can be difficult because this type of disease is not common, and trying how to figure out what children might have been exposed to early in their life may be somehow difficult.

Types of cancer in children.

The most common types of cancer that children can suffer from are leukemia, lymphomas, and brain and other central nervous systems (CNS) tumors. And this issue usually affects children between the ages of zero (months)and fourteen years.

Treatment for childhood cancer

There are many ways of treating cancer. And the type of treatment that kids will receive will be based on the type of cancer that they have and how dangerous it is. Common treatments of cancer are radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplant, and immunotherapy.

Note: As a parent, it's good for you to be taking your children to the hospital regularly. Any disease can show up on your children's bodies at any time, and if you are visiting the hospital regularly, the doctor would have diagnosed your children and treat them before dangerous things happen to them. Moreover, stop giving your children unprescribed drugs, it's not advisable.


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