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The Silent Disease That's Rarely Talked About, Kills More Than HIV or Herpes

Sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that spread through sex with an infected person or having sex with multiple partners. Despite the invention of protections like condoms, STDs are still ravaging and causing death in the world.

We've all heard about how bad HIV is and how deadly this virus is. We've also heard and learnt about the severity of herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis. Herpes and gonorrhea are no joke at all. Infact, there is a new strand of gonorrhea out there now that is resistant to antibodies and other drugs used for treating gonorrhea.

The Silent Killer That Needs To Be Talked About

People really don't talk about hepatitis Infection. Infact, the health professionals are guilty of it, and are just saying something now because the number of people living with it is now very high.

All forms of the hepatitis diseases (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C) are caused by deadly virus and are gotten through sex with an infected person. This virus attack the liver, and damages it. Among this three types, Hepatitis B is the king of them all.

How Bad Is Hepatitis B Disease?

Hepatitis B is a chronic disease caused by Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). When left untreated or if it's diagnosed rather too late, it can develop to long term health problems affecting the liver like liver cancer, cirrhosis, liver failure or even death. They can live in the body for years before showing symptoms, just like HIV. In some people too, especially those that got infected when they were young, the virus might take another dimension that can lead to early death. Here's a reason why regular check-up is good.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Is The Only Solution

A lot of people suffer from this disease because they're not vaccinated or maybe they don't know anything about the Hepatitis B Virus and its vaccine. This virus spread faster than HIV, causes death more and still has no cure. The Hepatitis B virus can only be prevented through taking the vaccine as early as possible. The hepatitis b vaccine can provide immunity against hepatitis for ten years, at least and they are available at all federal or state hospitals.

How You Can Be Safe From Hepatitis B?

In order to curb the spread of this disease, every home should take the vaccine because it grants lifetime immunity to the virus. Also, sex with multiple partners which is a leading cause of all STDs, including hepatitis b should be controlled.

Hepatitis B is indeed deadly and it's on the rise, especially here in Africa, but it has a vaccine that can grant immunity to it.

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