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VIdeo: Doctor States The Side Effect Of Injecting Seasoning Cubes On Buttocks To Make It Bigger

Genesis 1:31 says, God created all things, he saw what he had made and was pleased with it, God made everything perfect in his image, so I don't know why some people have chosen to enlarge their buttocks cause they probably felt that it's not big enough.

I was surprised to have heard that some women now inject seasoning cubes on their buttocks to make them bigger. Like how do most of these women came up with this surprising and dangerous practice? Season cubes that we use to cook now have another use and it makes me wonder who some ladies have decided to do this to themselves.

I have seen other ways women enhance their body figure, through surgery and many ways, but this particular one is what I'm surprised about, I have heard something of that nature, but I have not believed it till a doctor said its effects today.

A young Nigerian medical doctor whose name is Silas Joy has taken to his Twitter handle to state the side effects of injecting seasoning cubes in buttocks to make them bigger.

He disclosed that some women who do it are likely to have a disease cause it contains salts that are likely to cause Hypertension due to the process which they inject it to make the buttocks bigger, he went as far as sharing the video process by which they do it, he added that some portion of salt in the seasoning cube might be absorbed through the anus into the bloodstream.

He also said that the excess salt in the bloodstream is a major addition to hypertension. Imagine losing your life all in the name of getting bigger buttocks. This is so weird.

Dear ladies, you are beautiful the way you are, those things you use to add to your buttocks are not necessary and as you can see how the doctor stated the side effects, don't let seeking for better appearance put you into trouble, know this and know peace. You are beautiful the way you are, stop trying to add more by mistakenly harming yourself. Always remember that health is wealth. 

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