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5 Signs Of Worsening Heart Failure That Should Be Taken Seriously

Do you know that when the heart is about failing, there are various signs a person would notice? This is because the heart is a very important organ in the body and if a person's heart fails completely, it's often treated as a medical emergency because survival rate is often low or really rare.

So, for you to have higher chances of surviving heart failure, you need to be conscious of the signs, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs of worsening heart failure that should be taken seriously. Just sit tight and enjoy the article whilst learning something new.

What Are The Signs Of Worsening Heart Failure?

1. Chronic Shortness Of Breath; this is one of the serious signs of heart failure that should never be taken for granted. Reason being that, when a person is having issues with breathing, it can easily cause brain issue because the brain needs optimal supply of oxygen to remain alive.

2. Unusual Swelling of the legs; this is often referred to as edema and it is one of the signs of Heart Failure that everyone should take seriously. Reason being that, it has been proven to be a very serious sign of heart related issues.

3. Persistent Cough Or Chest Congestion; if you start having persistent cough and perhaps, you've been diagnosed of heart related concerns, do well to see a doctor as that is one of the signs of heart failure.

4. Feeling Dizzy; this is another sign of heart failure and can also be signs of other diseases but if notice the above signs coupled with a feeling of dizziness, then something related to heart failure is certainly wrong with you.

5. Chest Pain; this is another sign of heart failure that is often accompanied by persistent coughing and inability to breathe in some individuals.

Ensure you take these signs seriously and share this piece to others for enlightenment purposes.

Source: Mayo clinic

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