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Five foods we take in daily that cause cancer

Cancer is a disease that occurs when an abnormal cell grows uncontrollably and spreads to the other body parts. According to WHO, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world with 9.6 million deaths reported in 2018. 

Greek founder of western medicine, Hippocrates once said, "Let food be thy medicine". However, the actions of people towards what they take in to the body shows that sone people are not interested in their own well-being. 

Without much ado, let us take a look at five foods that causes cancer. 

#1 Sugary Foods 

Too much intake of sugary foods/carbohydrates increases the chances of having cancer. Some of these foods include white rice, white bread, and white pasta. Rice has proven to contain the highest amount of arsenic (a substance that promotes the formation of cancer) than any other cereals. 

#2 Dairy products 

Dairy products include milk, cheese. These products make up the top source of saturated fat in foods. The high fat content in these foods increases the risk of cancer, thus, intake of diary products should be reduced. 

#3 Alcohol 

It is no doubt that alcohol is one of the most toxic substances humans take everyday. Whenever alcohol is consumed, the liver breaks it down into a carcinogen compound which increases the formation of cancer. Thus, the intake of alcoholic substances should be stopped it drastically reduced. 

#4 Fast Foods 

Fast foods refer to any food that can be prepared and served quickly. Theycan alsobe called 'Junk Foods'.These foods are most times cheap and taste very good. These foods include hotdogs, sandwich, cookies, burgers and others. These foods have high far content and can increase the risk of cancer in humans. 

#5 Canned Foods 

Canned foods such as tomatoes, green peas and so on have chemical contents that increase the rate of cancer. Foods like canned tomatoes should be avoided and fresh foods should be welcomed. 

In conclusion, artificial and processed foods increases the rate of having cancer, thus, they should be avoided instantly or reduced to the smallest amount. 

Share this articles to your friends and family, to educate them on cancer-causing foods and don't forget to drop your opinions using the comment box. 

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