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5 Health Issues Associated With Eating Tiger Nuts

Despite their name, tiger nuts are not nuts. They are marble-sized tubers which grows underground, like potatoes. They come from a grass in the sedge family. It can be found growing wild throughout Africa, the Middle East, India, and Southern Europe.(Image Credit: Google)

When found in the fields of other crops, farmers despise them because they’re a weed that wreaks havoc.

When intentionally cultivated, most are used to make a dairy-free beverage. In western Africa, it’s called atadwe milk.

In addition to milk, tiger nuts are commonly dried and roasted with honey. Less commonly, they are consumed raw. When ground as a flour, the functions of tiger nut include making dairy-free yogurt, ice cream, and even bread. Non-food uses include fuel for cooking and fish bait.

However, in this article, we will be taking a look at 5 side effects eating Tiger Nuts that would make you remove them from your diet.

1. Possible Allergies.

There is no food or drink without possible risk of allergies and tiger nuts are not are exemption. There have been reports of allergies from tiger nuts and tiger nut juice.

2. Food Poisoning.(Image Credit: Google)

Tiger nuts juice can become contaminated especially when prepared in an unhygienic conditions. Contaminated tiger nuts and tiger nuts juice can cause food poisoning with symptoms like abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, dehydration, bloody stools etc.

3. Weight Gain.

It is suggested to eat tiger nuts in small quantities for those who have excess weight because it has a large number of calories.

4. Tiger Nut And Diabetes.

If you suffer from diabetes or problems with liver, you need to use tiger nut with caution.

5. Cough.(Image Credit: Google)

Swallowing the chaff of tiger nuts can irritate the airway and cause cough.(Image Credit: Google)

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