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2 Medical Conditions That Causes Foamy Urine.

Foamy urine is one thing that can either be as a result of common factors or less chronic reasons and can also be as a result of a chronic situation. So if your urine always appears to be foamy regularly, you might need to go for a medical checkup at a clinic to either prevent the chances that you're suffering from being severe or make a confirmation of it.

In this composition, we're going to have a look at some of the conditions that lead to foamy urine and shouldn't be taken for granted. Anything that shouldn't be taken for granted is serious and should be treated early, so sit tight and get the information this composition is set to pass.

What Are The Major Causes Of Constant Frothy Urine?

1. Kidney damage

This is one of the major causes of urine that is foamy. The kidneys in their normal condition purify protein but when it gets harmed, protein might blunder into your urine so leading to foamy urine. The condition is called proteinuria and it's a symptom affection or degenerated related infection and the anteriorly you get checked, the better for you and advanced your chances of survival.

2. Amyloidosis


This is another condition that can breed foamy urine, fluid accumulation, and problems for the kidneys. This condition is quite chronic and it arises when there's an accumulation of a specific protein and has the capacity of impacting and causing damages to many other organs. But there are much less common causes of frothy urine, so the only way of ascertaining whether your own is due to a health condition is if you start noticing these signs as well:

1. Cloudy Urine.

2. Severe fatigue.

3. Swelling in the hands, face, feet, that's often a result of the accumulation or retention of fluid due to poor type function (Edema).

4. Loss of appetite.

5. Changes in the volume of urine you produce.

6. Darker colored urine.

Notwithstanding, do well to see a medical expert as it could be a major sign that you are suffering from something severe.

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