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Carbonated Drinks

3 Liquid Substances Diabetic Patients Should Avoid And The Ones They Should Take More Often

Do you know that there are certain liquid substances diabetics should avoid and there are substances they should take more often? Many people including diabetes patients are not aware of this fact, so we are going to examine that in this article. If you are suffering from diabetes and wondering what liquid substances are bad and the ones.that are good for you, do well to read this piece till the end.

In this article, we are going to have a loom at some liquid substances diabetes patients should avoid and the ones they should take more often. But before we get down to the main reason for writing this article, there is need to have a look at what diabetes is as a concept. Just sit tight and learn something new whilst enjoying yourself.

What is Diabetes and When Can We Say Someone is Diabetic?

Diabetes is a health condition that arises due to the body's inability to metabolize glucose either due to absence of insulin or the body's inability to use the insulin produced by the pancreas. A person is said to be diabetic when his or her body is unable to metabolize the glucose due to the any of the reasons mentioned.

What Liquid Substances Should Be Avoided By a Diabetes Patients?

1. Carbonated Drinks; carbonated drinks should be avoided with everything in you. If you are suffering from diabetes, ensure you have no contact with such drinks because they contain added sugar infact they are hugely added sugar and as such when taken would pump in sugar into your blood stream thus making you have the signs and deadly consequences of having a high blood sugar.

2. Alcohol; according to medical research, there is need to avoid taking alcohol excessively as a diabetes patient. This is because alcohol has the potentiality to skyrocket the blood sugar level and as such should be avoided or atleast taking minimally for your own good. If you are suffering from diabetes, make sure you don't take more than the minimum for a man and minimum for a woman.

3. Fruit Juices and Energy Drinks; these drinks or liquid substances might appear to give energy and be fruit juices but they are hugely made of sugar and as such should be frowned at. If you don't want your blood sugar level to increase seriously thus causing more problems for you, avoid taking fruit juices or even energy drinks as they are made of sugar and sugar is one thing you need less of.

What Liquid Substances Should Be Taken More Often?

1. Water; this is the most safe and important liquid even for people suffering from diabetes. Reason being that it will prevent you from developing other health conditions or atleast reduce the chances coupled with the fact that taking enough water would enable it get rid of the excess sugar in the blood stream. So most diabetes patients are advised to take more water.

2. Bitter Leaf Juice; this is another liquid substance that should be taken more regularly by people suffering from diabetes. Reason being that this substance has been proven to have blood sugar reducing capabilities. If you are suffering from diabetes, coupled with your Lifestyle amendments, endeavour to take bitter leaf juice more regularly as it would hemo reduce your blood sugar.

3. Low Fat Milk; this is another substance that has been proven by medical research to contain calcium and many other nutrients that are reasonably helpful to people suffering from diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes, endeavour to take low fat milk more regularly.

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