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Natural ways to cure depression.

Depression is a form of mental disorder characterized by periods of prolonged sadness and negative feelings. The person feels helpless , uncertain, lonely and discouorage. However we all feel depressed from time to time. That is natural enough but when it occurs regularly and frequently and lasts for prolonged periods,it becomes a disorder. The person finds it difficult to sleep and he/ she experiences loss of appetite. Depression leads to physical and emotional problems.

Depression if not treated can cause damage to brain and body.

Depression can lead to suicide, poor nutrition, weight changes, substance abuse etc.

Symptoms of depression:

Persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

Ioss of interest in activities you normally enjoy.

Difficulty sleeping.

Weight lost.




Feeling ashamed.

Difficulty concentrating in making decisions.

Feeling helplessness

Loss of sex(for married people).

Lack of energy.

Problem with eating.

Thought of suicide or death.

Causes of depression:

Emotional be stress.

Drug abuse.




Treatment for depression:

Depressed people need love and care.

Depressed people need people who will be there for them and understand them.

Depressed people need help.

Natural treatment for depression:

Scent leaves.


Fill a medium sized pot with fresh scent leaves and pour in small quantity of water.

Bring to boil.

Drink half a glass four daily.

Take the preparation when it is hot

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