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How I was cured of Diabetes without any form of side effects

It is not easy to live with any form of diabetes. One needs to regularly check the blood sugar levels, be disciplined about their diet and carefully manage regular treatments like insulin. It may seem to be too much at times and that is the reason for getting the proper advice and support is so important. One may often find it overwhelming at times.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) relates to a group of common metabolic disorders that share the phenotype of Hyperglycemia. Different types of Diabetes are a result of the permutation and combination of the complex interactions between environmental factors and genetics. These factors determine the type of Diabetes and contribute to hyperglycemia, which shows decreased glucose utilization, reduced insulin reaction and more glucose production.

Diabetes can occur due to immune-mediated causes or may also develop spontaneously owing to an unknown cause. This is known as TYPE 1 Diabetes which is primarily due to the destruction of beta cells and leads to a deficiency of insulin in the body. 

TYPE 2 is the other form of diabetes which has a range from insulin deficiency to secretion defect of insulin due to insulin resistance in the body. 

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