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Never Do The following If Your Wife/Girlfriend is Menstruating

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menstrual cycle in women starts when they enter into adolescence till they get their menopause age. Menstruation is the washing of the uterus wall in the form of blood due to the inability of the ovaries produced that month.

During menstruation, half of the women go into abnormal pain they encounter difficulties such as headache, body pain, stomach pain and some even develop pimples or rashes on their skin.

During this time of the month, all men should avoid engaging their lovers in any of the following;

Fight or quarreling with her; Women are so emotional and need more love and attention during their menstruation period. This is the time they lost some amount of blood in their body and so, they require much attention from their lovers instead of engaging in activities that wouldn't give them rest. If you engage in quarrels or fight with a woman during this time, you are likely to cause more harm to her. She can bleed more as a result of fighting and so men are advised to desist from any of such behavior. Women use a pad to collect the blood that comes out from them and so, fighting with them can make the pad to shift and then making their body stain with blood.

Sleep with her during her menstrual cycle is one thing most people wouldn't understand why it shouldn't happen. Yes, doctors have it that, sometimes the woman gets fertile during this stage but if your desire is not based on doctors' advice, then you are really going the other way. You will end up inflicting more pain on your girlfriend or wife during this time. You will also be staining your bedsheets. Do you know even God is against sleeping with a woman during her period?

Overloading her with house chores shouldn't be allowed during this time. Menstruation makes most women feel dizzy and others feel very weak. Therefore, you should be taking most of their house chores like helping to cook, washing, cleaning the room, taking care of the compound, etc. Even if you aren't free enough to take over her duties, you can assist her sometimes.

All men should be calling on their lovers to check on them during this critical times in the month, by the gifts, help them to massage their body, take them to recreational centers, tell them beautiful stories, assure them about your love for them and many other loving demeanors that can build her up during menstruation.

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