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Important: How To Clean Your Lungs Naturally From Cigarette Stains

How I clean my lungs naturally in three months How?

If you're looking for how to clean your lungs naturally, you have come to the right place.

This may look weird, but these is my life story,

The Sad Story

I started smoking since in secondary school, I think right from SS2 that was 2014 to SS3, even thou it wasn't that much then, I wasn't that smoker smoking guy then, but when I graduated from secondary school it became worse, I smoked everyday of life, it became an addiction to me that I must have to smoke everyday before I could sleep.

I don't know who needs to hear these but smoking destroys your liver, your lungs, gives you heart disease, you get rough skin, blood shot eyes.

On a fateful year 2016 I was diagnosed with hepatitis B, these really scared the hell out of me, as of then that many people keep dying of hepatitis, I couldn't belief I will soon be gone, the resist to smoke smoking isn't coming either.

What do I have to do?

Hepatitis B And Ulcer?

I began seeing the symptoms of hepatitis B, they gave me drugs for the illness, because of too much fear it lead to another killer disease called "Ulcer".

I started feeling these will be the end of my life, me personally the only sickness I have ever experience in my life was malaria, I thought ulcers and hepatitis are supposed to be only for matured people but not a l teenager like me, but here I am with not only one disease but 2 killer sicknesses.


I've started Emaciating, looks like I'm having memory loss, I strictly adhere to the doctors instruction on the type of diet I should eat and the ones not to eat.

It came to a time that I started feeling irregular heart beat, stomach obsession, insomnia, coughing out mucose always, there were so many things wrong with me that I can't explain.

Back To Smoking Again

That it came to a time where I ignored all these symptoms and started living my normal life, The "life of a smoker"Drinking alcohol, taking narcotics sleeping pills. And anytime I do either of these behaviours I feel pains in my chest, not like in my chest but that area close to the liver, it's like my liver is damaging, getting rote, looks like my heart has a hole, with pains penetrating through from my heart to my back, but then I still didn't stop smoking.


With the influence of friends things became worse, me trying to impress friends and ignored my health, even thou I tell them I always feel pains in my chest whenever I smoke or drink but they won't believe, they'll be like your afraid you might get drunk, cmon drink and enjoy yourself, I even forgot that there are certain foods I must still have to avoid.

Foods I Tried To Avoid

Fatty foods like meats, fried fish, anything contain trans fat, but I won't adhere to these instruction, and anytime I eat these foods, my body develops a lot of mucus, I'll started coughing out a lot of mucus.

To cut the long story short, last year 2019 early November I decide to take a U turn in my life, where I ignored my Friends and decide to live only to my own Expectations, I read a lot of stuffs on the internet on how to clean your lungs and how to quit smoking on YouTube, but these stuffs will keep scaring me like I'm going to die any soon.

The Vision

I decided to start something on my own I embark on "fruit and water therapy". These looks like a vision that was sent from God to me.

I started eating a lot of fruits and taking a lot of water every morning, I make sure I took two sachet of pure in the morning two in the afternoon and 1 in the evening, but I don't know what keeps happening to my body, I keep coughing out a lot of mucus and having difficulty in breathing, with the heavy pains on my chest that I almost give up, but I wouldn't relent on my health cause it's my life so I kept on doing these for about 3 month, then I saw the miracle I was looking for.


My skin change from Crack to soft and clear skin, the irregular heartbeat, the piercing pains from the heart to my back stop, the pains in my chest, the stomach obsession and all symptoms reduce drastically.


Mine you, it wasn't easy for me to quit smoking, it took a lot of dedication and sacrifices, you must be strong believing in your self that you can do these, let your addiction obey you not you obeying your addiction, you own your self, not any drugs or alcohol.

I'll tell you today I no longer smoke, I detest smoking, I hate to hear theme smell of that flame, I don't do drugs any longer, I'm a drug free survivor.

Today you can be a smoke free person

Please I'm begging you, it's never too late for you to quit smoking, many people who are smokers regret why the started smoking at first, they wish to quit.

I discovered the solution that all you need is just fruit and water, once you start doing water therapy, the urge to smoke will start leaving you.

Please try these it has help so many people you too can be a part of these long health, many people will deceive you that smoke doesn't harm your lungs, smoking harm your lungs and it will kill you, 50% percent of people having heart problems in Nigeria is due to tobacco smoking.

Hope these was helpful

I hope these will help you to start thinking of quitting today before it's too late.

I didn't even know that these article will be that lenty I have so many things I could have tell you about the kind of symptoms I experience, if you want people to read your stuff, you have to make it short.

Thank you

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