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5 Healthy Nigerian Foods You Should Eat Before Going To Bed Once You Are Above 50

Most individuals, including myself, consume heavy dishes for dinner, such as fufu. When children or younger people eat heavy foods late at night, it is possible that they will not be affected because their digestive system and body in general are still extremely active and can readily digest the food.

However, this cannot be true for persons under the age of 50 because as people age, their bodies lose certain abilities and their metabolism slows down. This means that those under the age of 50 have a slower digestive system and are more susceptible to ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and prostate cancer.

As a result, elderly adults will need to be cautious about the type of diet they consume and when they consume it. There are specific diets for 50-year-olds that should be consumed at night.

Here are five (5) healthy foods that people aged 50 and up should eat before going to bed.

1. White Rice And Vegetable Stew: White rice is simple to prepare and offers important nutrients like folate and thiamine. Because white rice undergoes industrial processes that destroy some of its nutrients, it is recommended to eat it with vegetable stew.

Tomatoes and vegetables are the main ingredients in vegetable stew, and they are quite healthy and can compensate for the nutrients lost in the white rice.

2. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin C for people of all ages. Sweet potatoes have a long list of health benefits. Sweet potatoes assist diabetics control their blood sugar levels. Sweet potatoes are one of the greatest foods for persons over the age of 50 to eat late at night.

Sweet potatoes, despite their appearance as a heavy dish, have a lot of fiber, which aids in easy and quick digestion. However, instead of frying the potatoes, boil them.

3. Oats: barley is used to make oats. Oats are a nutrient-dense food that can be consumed by people of all ages. Oats are one of the greatest foods for persons aged 50 and up to eat at night.

Oats have a lot of fiber, which makes them easy to digest and helps with bowel movements in the morning. If desired, serve the heated oats with skimmed milk and a low-sugar biscuit.

4. Chicken: Although chicken is a premium these days, those who can afford it should eat boiled or grilled chicken at night. Because of its low fat and high protein content, chicken is considered a lean meat.

However, avoid eating the skin of chicken because it contains approximately 80% of the fat in the chicken. Skinless chicken for dinner, on the other hand, is an excellent diet choice for adults up to 50 years old.

5. Yoghurts: I'm referring to Greek yogurt or plain yogurt because these two yoghurts are low in fat, sugar, and additives, but high in probiotics, protein, calcium, and other nutrients. Plain yogurt and Greek yogurt both have numerous health benefits.

Yogurt also includes a substance known as casein, which keeps people from becoming hungry when they get up in the morning. A serving of Greek yogurt can soothe your tummy while providing all of the nutrition you require.

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